Dear Sir/Madam,
We wish to inform you that for the provisioning of the service in question, the Fondazione Fossano Musica comes into possession of some of your personal data, that will be processed in accordance with Legislative Decree 196/03 (the data protection act that is to protect the personal data of persons and other entities).
In accordance with the above act, Fondazione Fossano Musica (hereinafter referred to as "Fondazione") will used the data in a correct, lawful and transparent manner to protect your privacy and rights. Therefore, pursuant to article 13 of Italian legislative decree no. 196-2003, we provide you with the following information.

Purpose and manner of the processing for which the data are intended

The Fondazione gives notice that the personal data in its possession, directly collected from the Fondazione itself or from third parties, may be processed, also by third party institutions appointed as being responsible, for:

  1. Meeting the obligations provided for by law, regulations or by the Community legislation, i.e. instructions issued by Authorities empowered under the Law and by control and surveillance services;
    (the provision of the personal data needed for such purposes is obligatory and their processing does not require the consent of those concerned)
  2. Objectives closely related to and relevant to the management of relations with the users (acquisition of information prior to the subscription to a course, registration of data for enrollment and attendance to a chosen course or event)
    (the provision of the personal data needed for such purposes is not obligatory, but the refusal to provide them can involve – depending on the relationship between the datum and the requested service – the impossibility of the Fondazione to provide the service itself. Their processing does not require the consent of those concerned)

The processing occurs through manual, computer and telematics tools, with logics strictly connected to the above-mentioned purposes and, in any case, so as to guarantee the safety and confidentiality of the data themselves.

Rights provided for by art.7

Art. 7 of the Code shall allocate to the data subjects specific rights, including the right to know what data the Fondazione is in possession of and how they are handled; the right to have those data infringing law cancelled, made anonymous or blocked; the right to have them updated, corrected or, if needed, integrated. They may also object, for legitimate reasons, to the data processing itself. Finally, the data subjects may object, at any time, to the processing aimed at sending commercial and advertising material, direct selling or market research.

Responsible holder

The processing holder is Fondazione Fossano Musica, located at 48, via Bava San Paolo – 12045 Fossano (CN).
The responsibility lies with the Director of the Fondazione who is domiciled at the registered place.
For the exercise of the rights referred to in art. 7 of the Code the data subjects may contact:

Fondazione Fossano Musica
Via Bava San Paolo n.48
12045 FOSSANO (CN)

By accepting this disclosure, you explicitly express your consent to the communication of the data to those subjects carrying out, on behalf of the Fondazione, the processing referred to in item 2 above.